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I feel afraid and alone on this issue.

OutstreachedArmsFirst, understand that feelings and reality are quite different. Often times we feel alone because we have not yet taken action to remedy the fear by reaching out. You are not alone. There are tens of thousands of gay Christians just like you and they have felt everything that you are feeling right now.

Whenever we encounter any issue in our lives sometimes the pain of not fixing the problem may seem less than the potential pain of fixing it. But in the long run addressing issues like this in our lives will bring victory and reduce the pain. It is like moving to a new city. Before we move we have many great friends and we fear moving to a place where we know no one. But a year after we move we have found, one by one, many new and wonderful friends. No advance in our lives comes without a bit of pain. But in the long run that pain is seen as an investment in our future.

As you start connecting with other gay Christians you will feel less and less alone. But right now you probably feel like you have one foot in the boat and the other on the pier -- and the boat is moving sideways! Like with most things in life, you must make a commitment in faith and either get in the boat or stay on shore. No one can make this decision for you, but if you don't make any decision, life will make the decision for you and you're going to get wet.

If you're getting in the boat then why not visit the Resources page to find out about other people in your own denomination and build some connections with them. Check out a couple of good movies like the "For The Bible Tells Me So" documentary, or "Latter Days". Why not join The Gay Christian Network to help you connect with other gay Christians for fellowship, Bible Studies, and learning about other people's stores -- as well as telling you own. Don't forget that other gay Christians need YOU as well. God will give you a unique ministry as a gay Christian and you can add value to the world.

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