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I am a straight parent and I'm afraid of losing my gay child.

LaughingKidsBe patient with yourself and give yourself some time. Your child has probably understood what is going on for quite some time and had the time to work through things -- while you have not. Love now, understand later. All of this will make more sense someday, but in the mean time just keep loving your child unconditionally. They are the same child that you loved before they trusted you enough to tell you the reality of their life. Think of how you felt about your child 15 minutes or even 15 years before they told you. They are exactly the same person as they were then. It is hard to let go of any artificial conception we have of another person. It is even harder to understand that all things will ultimately work out. In the mean time try not to do anything impulsive or hurtful to your precious child. There is no need to lose your child for any reason. Keep the lines of communication open.

In the mean time, check out a great website called In The Shepherd's Arms found on the Resources page. Or you can click on the following link to take you straight to a wonderful mother's testimony on dealing with the news that her son was gay. Another great resource is a book called "My Son, Beloved Stranger" by Carrol Grady. We will add more information here soon to help you with this issue.

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