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This site is for gay men and women who have made the decision to be Christians. This is also a place of moving on with our lives. We already have many Christian allies - even many of our conservative brothers and sisters in Christ now understand who we are. But we cannot put our lives on hold to wait for everyone to completely understand. We must live fully now. We have Christian ministries to serve and attend to. We have families to create and build. Some have partners to marry and build a life with (thank you Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Spain, Norway, South Africa, Belgium, Canada, The Netherlands, and Sweden; as well as New York and Washington DC for recognizing those marriages). To wait and waste our lives would be a tragedy. So live your life fully as the child of God you were created to be. You don't have to wait for other people's approval - just get on with it. God loves you as you are. Enjoy the journey!

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