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gay christian information

This place is for gay men and women who have made the decision to be Christians. This is not an ex-gay ministry nor a place of condemnation. This is a place of acceptance for gay Christians who know that God has created them as they are. We believe that God does not make mistakes and that we are called to unique ministries that only we can serve. There are no second class citizens in the kingdom of God. Our job is not to become straight but rather to live godly lives as gay Christians.

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Navigation: Use the buttons at the top of each page to move to other pages. We hope you enjoy using the references and resources available to you as a gay Christian. Celebrate this wonderful life that God has given you!

In this place you will be encouraged to be who you naturally are, and from that vantage point serve God to the best of your ability.

Welcome to the world of information for gay Christians.

We have created a web site to motivate, inspire, inform, and provide useful information to gay Christians. Support and Resources for various Christian denominations are available. Books - find a good book on the book page. Find out about some great Music on the music page. Love movies and DVDs? The Movies tab has a few to get you started!

This site is for Christians who understand and accept their sexual orientation as a gift from God and seek to live lives in God's grace and for God's service as whole human beings.


God does not fix those things that are not broken!


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