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gay christian information

movies and documentaries about gay Christian topics

movie reviews

gay Christian movie recommendations


Some our favorites are listed below. Check back soon as we will be adding movie reviews for some of our picks.


Genre & Keywords

Brief Description

Save Me

Drama, romance, gay male characters, conservative theology, ex-gay organization, addiction issues

This great film is a gentle reminder that Christ indeed has the power to save us from an empty life and help us live Christ centered lives as gay Christians, and find love.


Drama, romance, Baptist/conservative theology, adoption, finding family, gay male characters

Three interrelated stories take place in 3 separate years: 1999, 2000, and 2001. Son, adoptive family, birth mother. A riveting gay Christian drama.

But I'm A Cheerleader

Comedy, ex-gay organization, both lesbian & gay male characters

A great gay comedy about a lesbian Cheerleader and her hilarious journey.


Drama, Roman Catholic, forgiveness, struggling with coming out, gay male characters

Powerful and moving story of a gay Catholic Priest who, through the realization of his own humanity helps and learns to accept others who are less than perfect.

The Last Year

Drama, Christian College, coming out, gay male characters

When you're gay, attending a Christian college can be a challenge!

It's In The Water

Comedy, ex-gay organization, conservative church, coming out, both lesbian & gay male characters

This comedy is full of lesbians, and gay guys who are lead by their Pastor to attend "Homo No 'Mo" meetings.

Latter Days

Drama, romance, LDS/Mormon, ex-gay organization, coming out, gay male characters

Love always finds a way! Finding a new family when your old one rejects you.

Shock To The System

Detective Drama, romance, ex-gay organization, gay male characters

Our favorite gay detective's mission this time is to investigate a Christian gay conversion organization - with all the predictable trouble thrown in.

Prom Queen

Drama based on a true story, Roman Catholic school, equal rights, gay male characters

Based on a true story, this movie traces a determined gay Canadian Christian's struggle to attempt to take his boyfriend to his Catholic High School's Prom.

Forgiving The Franklins

Drama, Black Comedy

A mysterious event changes an ultra conservative family into a gay friendly accepting clan. But their other Christian friends are not happy!



The perils of being different in High School - especially gay.

Hate Crime

Drama, Detective, Mystery

A gay couple moves into the neighborhood and the neighbors are not happy. Bad things happen and the search is on for the culprit.




For The Bible Tells Me So

Christian testimonies, experiences with the church and coming out

A moving and powerful story of several conservative families journey in accepting their gay children.

Camp Out

Christian summer camp for gays and lesbians, Lutheran, Minnesota

Who'd a thought: A Christian camp in Minnesota for gay High School kids. Moving and wonderful.

Through My Eyes

Christian testimonies, experiences with the church and coming out

An incredibly powerful documentary. The testimony and journey of 24 young Christian gay men and women in relationship to their faith, their families, and their treatment by their churches when they revealed that they were gay. This is a MUST SEE film. Don't miss this one. Share it with your friends, family, and church.

Scout's Honor

Boy Scouts of America, Scouting, organizations that purport Christian values

A straight Boy Scout goes on the offensive when his gay Scout leader is removed from the organization. One straight guy's crusade to right a wrong against gay people. A film of tribute to those who are our allies.

We're All Angels

Jason and deMarco, Christian Artists, Christian Music Industry

The journey of two Christian men who are dedicated to God, their ministry, Christian music, and each other.

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